SPOTR™—Persistent Observation

The SPOTR™ system can track targets within a single surveillance area. But what happens when that target leaves the area? Where did they come from to begin with? This task normally requires careful observation of target characteristics, as well as synchronized efforts between multiple videos or operators.  With SPOTR™ deployed in multiple areas, it will answer these questions for you.  The system operates in surveillance mode, extracting identifying information from each target it tracks. When a person leaves the frame, SPOTR™ can use the last-known location to send an entity ID message to other systems.  This message contains the information necessary to re-identify that target. When the receiving system incorporates this knowledge into its own tracking database, it picks up where the originating system left off.  As a result, SPOTR™ can track a target person or vehicle’s unbroken path from one area to the next.

This unbroken path allows a single search to guide the tracking system. By selecting a description from one terminal, the system can recover tracking information, recalling where they’ve been for as long as they’ve been within sensor range.  With this type of inter-system communication, SPOTR™ scales to fit your needs.  Regardless of the size of the area to be monitored, increased coverage is as simple as installing and configuring SPOTR™ wherever you need surveillance.


Successful Demonstration of SPOTR™ at Trident Spectre 2012 in Ft Story VA.

SPOTR™ program featured in Wired, Slashdot, and SmartPlanet articles.

Successful Dry Run Demonstration of SPOTR™ Solution for the Office of Naval Research—Princeton, NJ