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The primary mission of the SPOTR™ is to provide the warfighter with a new capability that significantly improves situational awareness and tactical understanding by performing non-cooperative detection, tracking, and identification of targets of interest without the need for human interaction. This capability is designed to provide time-critical information from a configurable network of deployed sensors that can be rapidly deployed or leveraged off of existing hardware.

SPOTR™ is useful in providing surveillance on areas that present an unacceptable risk to the human operator. The SPOTR™ system provides the following capabilities:

  • Automatic detection, tracking, and identification of targets (results in a significant manning reduction and greater warfighter productivity compared with traditional security patrols and video monitoring)
  • Non-cooperative target recognition through real-time 2D/3D image reconstruction (both reduces requirement on sensor angle/placement and significantly improves off-angle recognition performance)
  • Long-range operational capability (increased security for the warfighter as identification and intent can be assessed at a greater standoff distance)
  • Platform agnostic and scalable sensor suite—same technology payload able to be installed and efficiently operate on Unattended Ground Sensors (UGS), Fixed Surveillance Ground Stations, and most recently Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)

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Successful Demonstration of SPOTR™ at Trident Spectre 2012 in Ft Story VA.

SPOTR™ program featured in Wired, Slashdot, and SmartPlanet articles.

Successful Dry Run Demonstration of SPOTR™ Solution for the Office of Naval Research—Princeton, NJ