Surveillance is one of the most basic aspects of security; the ability to watch an area in real time enables rapid response to whatever situation may arise. As the number of people and cameras increases, more operators are needed to monitor these systems.

SPOTR™ addresses this challenge by automatically locating and tracking people, cars, and other objects within the surveillance area. By exploiting the rapid matrix processing power of graphics processing units, the SPOTR™ system detects people and vehicles in real time and tracks them as they move through the area. From them, SPOTR™ extracts and reports human-readable labels wherever possible. Search for targets based on:

  • height
  • age
  • gender
  • ethnicity
  • clothing colors
  • skin color
  • hair color
  • presence / absence of facial hair

Surveillance extends beyond wall-mounted cameras, and SPOTR™ rises to the challenge of detecting people and cars from unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) footage. Using state-of-the-art image stabilization techniques, SPOTR™ locates objects from the sky just as it would from the ground.

To help you search video archives, SPOTR™ works from recorded video as well. Comb through hours of video automatically and find targets from days or weeks ago.  The system annotates the recoded video as it does for the live one, reporting all targets or just the ones who meet your search criteria.



Successful Demonstration of SPOTR™ at Trident Spectre 2012 in Ft Story VA.

SPOTR™ program featured in Wired, Slashdot, and SmartPlanet articles.

Successful Dry Run Demonstration of SPOTR™ Solution for the Office of Naval Research—Princeton, NJ